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I wrote this, in 2016. It's part of my 6th poem set, Closed Unlocked. Read More
Mortemous Black knows a secret, a secret that has been kept for thousands of years. Morty knows this secret because he is a scribe, someone who has the power to go into the world of any book he reads. Using this gift, Mortemous soon discovers The Lost Library, a sanctuary… Read More
A demon comes to the realm of mortals to exact revenge and conquer the plane. He arrives in Mereland, and a group of heroes must gather relics to defeat the demonic being. Read More
Near a 3000 year old Hebrew inscription at a Mountain in New Mexico, Anthropologist Antonio Dominguez falls into a cavern finding two scrolls from King Solomon. These Scrolls indicate Earth and humanity are heading for destruction; the clock is counting down to 2012. Antonio journeys to find and convince the… Read More
The warring city-states of the races of Karnet set aside their differences when three ancient, deadly artifacts are stolen from the Human Church; the Hand of the Plague, the Staff of Destruction, and the Sword of Control. Each city-state agrees to send two of their own, and the group is… Read More
A poem about the deep consciousness that's ever flowing through our entire being Read More
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