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Cullen creates a supercomputer at work. His final update: game theory. Can the computer read minds now? He doesn't know for sure. He convinces himself he's created the next phase of the police state. What will he do in response? Read More
Yet another prognostication of how our lives would be in the future with many more AI's around us.Deepak the protogonist of the story claims that prime an AI is trying to liquidate him.Read as the anecdote unfolds.Please leave some comments that will help improvise this story. Read More
An unknown terrorist organization from Europe sends spies into the United States to systematically assassinate politicians. The assassin uses a device called the atom manipulator to torture or kill people from a distance and disguise it as a natural phenomenon like a heart attack or stroke. The assassin puts… Read More
A young office worker by the name of Aurora has a fairly normal life. She goes to work every day and does her job, although boring and unexciting, until one day her routine is disrupted - She is promoted to a new job role, clashing with her personal relationships;… Read More
Artificial intelligence technology advancement is at its peak and has become the norm in society, while the human population is at a decline. Lead researcher Taelor Kimord is recruited for a secret government project in hopes of maintaining the population by creating advanced androids for military use. He's created… Read More
Peoples' livelihoods have been devastated by artificial intelligence. Read More
Alison's finding her emotions in a time in which things are so unusual. She will figure her was through a very controversial, and... complex first love Read More
A space cadet wakes up alone on a space craft that is drifting aimlessly in deep space. The entire crew is gone with out a trace. He is now the soul survivor on a military space craft. With no clues as to where the entire crew has gone to… Read More

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Dating sucks for some people. And if you're Alfred, you might choose to date in an unconventional way. Set in the future, would you go on a blind date with a robot, if no one could ever tell the difference between man and machine? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A young girl finds herself in an unknown facility with fragments of her memory lost. She cannot remember her name nor what happened to her last after a major accident. Frightened due to the fact that she no longer has control over her own body, she struggles to understand… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A man fighting for his life on a world whose inhabitants are preyed upon by lethal machines. He can run, hide or pray, there is no fighting them. A woman just doing her job. Juggling morality and indifference she watches over the machines. This will hopefully be… Read More
After surviving a spaceship crash, 13-year old Andy is stranded in the wilderness of a distant planet with twin suns. His only companion is a small metallic box with artificial intelligence. Together, they must brave the elements, the harsh winter, and find a way to get rescued. Read More
An essay on the Canadian pastime of braking for real estate. Read More
Artificial Intelligence is brought in to a company to assist the workers and soon takes over the company. Read More
Depiction of future technology presented by a fictional corporation that specializes in artificial intelligence software. Read More
Set in the present time, the story is about a computer programmer, Steve, who accidentally got captured in his own dream and when he woke up, it was a distant land, very alien to him. It's a different planet with a very advanced civilization. It features his quest in that… Read More
Sometimes...reality is much awkward than we can imagine in our wildest dream. Some truths, when revealed, question our very existence. It gets harder to distinguish fact from fiction. For, Jack Eniac, a science fiction enthusiast himself, the truth that he discovered in that hundreds of years old diary, put him… Read More
Two friends discussing about a German mathematician, who claimed that artificial intelligence will one day beat human intelligence. Read More
A young man in the year 2043 sets out to design a general game playing algorithm but as it gets smarter it starts to do things he never imagined possible. Read More
Fiction focused machine-learning, artificial-intelligence, pandemic, population growth, covert and clandestine operations. Read More
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