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Annabella Hunt works at the Disney world theme park in Orlando, Florida. She works as some different famous Disney characters. Although at the famed theme park she lives an idolized, fairy tale life, at home and at school she is mistreated and misunderstood. Meeting a famous boy is a hope… Read More
"You need to help me." Ashleigh said to me, "See, I'm not normal." Aaron Findlay has always been the typical loner seventeen year old. He hasn't been farther away than England and Scotland. His father left him at the age of fifteen and his mum is out every weekend looking… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Ashleigh is just a girl. sort of. well no, Ashleigh was just a girl from a long lasting breed of extremely powerful vampires. fun. which she didnt find out till she died...then woke up in a coffin. even better. Locked up in a school for the supernatural with no where… Read More
Everyone always assumes that just because you’re popular, you’re happy. That just because you’ve got tons of friends, means that you like every single one of them. Since you’ve got a lot of money, your parents must care about you a lot. That just because you seem happy, it means… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Was For a contest and now I will continue it! Ashleigh is an average girl with her normal life. She has been alone emotionally since her dad dies and is now in the care of her aunt, Stacy. Ashleigh is happy with her "normal" and usual life, until she meets… Read More
the next part of the story! read to find out! Read More
the continuation to the story...please read nd tell me what you think! Read More
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