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When Jack get's a letter in the mail from the President and the U.S Government asking to come join the war, he must set out on a mysterious, yet fun journey from South Carolina all the way to Washington D.C for brief training. After he is done with brief training… Read More

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A poem illustrating an exaggerated version of Ashley :D Read More
So, if you can't guess by now, my friend Ashley was - and still is - very important to me. I was crying as I wrote this, so please, no insensitive comments. Thank you Read More

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This was written for my friend Ashley, one of the sweetest people alive. Read More

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TJ gets on a show called More Than Friends to get out the friend zone of his crush.I based this story off of MTV Friends Zone Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

After a tragic thing has happens in her life that has left her incredibly hurt, Ashley has been dreaming about a boy who is unlike anyone she has ever met before. In her dreams, this boy has saved her and since then she has felt a special connection with him.… Read More
These Swing sets are Paved in Gold. Swing with Lovers, Swing With Haters...Simply, Swing. BFB !!! Read More
Ashley a young woman moves to Texas from Orlando. She goes through difficult situations and has to get use to the changes in her life. Read as she adjust to her changes and writes about it in a journal. Read More

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Alex has had a hard life. Her mom died right after she was born, and her dad left her and her sister alone to take care of themselves. Rebecca, Alex's sister, goes off to college, and, being the bogus person she is, hires a babysitter for Alex. Guess who it… Read More
Life. Unrequited love. The path we all walk on as individuals. Trying to catch the next train to achieve our most wanted goals. But sometimes, we can't always get what we want. For my beloved sisters. Feedback is appreciated, thanks for reading! :) I suggest listening to a melancholic song… Read More
The doctor, A name known by people across the universe, But suddenly he disappeared what became of him? He regenerated and is now known as Andrew Biersack. Read More
Ever imagined what it would be like to have THE Black Veil Brides attend your school with you through a competition... Well Clarrisa needn't wonder any longer... Please Read, comment, heart and/or follow? Please and thankyou :D Read More

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Ashley Farrowland lost her first husband and child in a car accident in 2009 when she was just nineteen; two years later she met Edward Marks who she fell in love with and after a year together they are engaged. Ashley’s first child was a miracle and probably her only… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

When Ashley Scott finds out that her two-timing boyfriend is cheating on her with her own cousin, she knows she wants revenge. He and her cousin are the biggest thing. But while Ashley's boyfriend was cheating on her, Ashley's cousin was cheating on her boyfriend! He knows he wants to… Read More
Lacey has been awake for four hundred and twentynine years. Created by an immortal father and human mother, Lacey and her brother, Damien, are outcasts who do not belong to either world. Although Damien has easily adjusted to his ever-changing life, Lacey wants nothing more than to break free from… Read More
Ashley is trying to find her way in life, through pain, loneliness, and love. She discovers who her father really is, but is he really what she thinks? Do her friends Lillian, Felicity, Melody, and Brandon stick with her till he end, or do they leave her there to "die"? Read More
When Anthony was younger, he was involved in a car accident with his family. He came out of the accident with a few broken bones, his parents, Judy and Mark came out with a couple of cuts and bruises and a broken bone or two. However his younger brother, Cody,… Read More
she was abused....andy was there too help Read More

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Poem / Poetry

March 04, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

This is my Contest entry in Emoting Emotions Poetry Challenge! Bt Ashley Rose Read More
**On hold** Ashley Thompson met the man of her dreams at just the age of five, they were best friends until he moved away, he was called Zach. He left Ashley all alone to face the world on her own leading to four years of hell. At fourteen they meet… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Dead. Almost everyone is dead. Our world is in ashes and there's no hope for civilization. Those who are alive struggle to survive, and still, there are very few who are. Nuclear attack. A constant threat our entire lives, but it could never happen, no. Those sort of things didn't… Read More

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**Finished** Callie Wilson is a seventeen year old who makes a lot of mistakes one which ends her to stay with her father for the summer a man she hated with every part of her. He has remarried and she now has a two step brother's and a step sister… Read More
Book One In A New Series called Fangs. Read The Story To Find Out Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

When People Say Don't Be Scared Of The Dark, Should You Listen To Them? Read More
Nicole, is a emo girl that has been in love with Jake sence 8th grade. But her feelings toward Jake changes when she finds out he has a dark secret. Will she still love hem for who he really is, or she will give up on hem? Read More
This is a story about Holly, Brooke and Ashley. They go on a small boat ride, but get drugged and sent off into the middle of the ocean lost, with only a cellphone with barely any power. Read More
This is the sequel to Undiscovered Discovery. Kayla has finally found herself and what she believes. Her friend Scarlet, has gotten her a job on Warped to be a Blood On The Dance Floor merch girl. Slowly but surely her and Dahvie Vanity fall in love, leaving her true love,… Read More
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