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READ PLZ!!! IF YOU DONT YOU MIGHT GO SAYING STUFF OR REGRET IS!! JUST READ IT PLZ DONT BE LAZY!!!! Okay sorry about that. Well this is my first story on here, and I am just writing for entertainment not for a curior or anything so dont go 'oh this… Read More
List of political, economical and significant events that took place on Asian continent during 2009. Read More
Getting a diploma from a college was easy part, getting a job particularly if one was considered as an outsider, for whatever reason, will be challenging, to say the least. Contrary to what many believe, higher the degree, say a Ph.D., or an M.D, tougher it gets to get a… Read More
At the midpoint of the 21st century humanity is at its defining moment. Two decades after the slaughter of the innocent, the genocide of the poor that eradicated 3 billion to quell catastrophic rioting over global shortages of food, oil and water, the international community is fragmented. Now conjoined into… Read More
For those wishing to understand the emerging field of molecular anthropology, and how it applies to the early history of North America, this is a great introductory text. Read More
It would be unfair and unjust if India does not acknowledge the contribution Britain, and the West in general, made to its well being and prosperity. Read More
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