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It is my story on how they wanted to kill me just because i left the Asigidi Cult for Jesus Christ. Read More

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Senator Rowland Stephen Owie is the former Chief Whip of the Senate, and a chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Edo State. But for this piece, that is an aside. In this interview with Sunday Vanguard, he discloses that as the only surviving son of his mother, he… Read More

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Asigidi Cult June 29, 2012 Traditional Cults Nationwide And Campus cultism By Matthew Oban A lot of us seem to be ignoring the influence of non-Campus cults on the Campus based cultists and other youths. Across the country we are all bothered about what our schools and universities are… Read More

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Asigidi Society in Nigeria was originated from Edo state in Nigeria, due to their great influence in governmental sector in Nigeria, They have spread to all parts in Nigeria . The cult said to be original from Benin, now operate through out the country. The politicians and forces in Nigeria… Read More

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Asigidi in Nigeria Asigidi Is A deadly Cult In Nigeria Sources consulted by the Research Directorate refer to the Asigidi and Owegbe as a cult or society in Edo state Nigeria and nationwide Newswatch, a Nigerian weekly news magazine, carried an article on the sex trade in Nigeria that described… Read More

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