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How many secrets are now buried in the graves owned to being embarrassed? How many women walk around pretending it didn't happen to them? 'Why We Don't Talk' takes the reader from the very first day Briley endured transgression to the day she Liberated herself from the impediments in her… Read More
this took me a few minutes. sexual assault is very common and this poem serves to help people become aware of this problem. Read More

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January 25, 2020

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The surface is littered with flotsam, jetsam and scum. Dive deep. Cover image: Read More
He is on a long trip. Where is he really going? Who is pursuing him? Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Cover image: Read More

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"I read today's funny story before this one, Hully. It says much for your talent as a writer that you can switch so easily between humour and tra..." Read More

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“Lesson Learned” is a 3,000-word creative non-fiction story. Just dumped by her first serious boyfriend, the narrator seeks solace with her friends - and a pitcher of beer. But as the narrator thinks back on what went wrong with her relationship, she comes to realize the abuse she suffered, and… Read More

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"Wow. Extremely powerful. This is great writing. " Read More

Assault, set up by marine. Brain injury. Read More

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They went to Texas for a football game. What happened would change their life forever. Intended for adults only. Read More
Neo has been sexually abused by her father . She tries to escape his grasp and enter into a new era. But she still suffers from the consequences as she is diagnosed with DEPENDENT PERSONALITY DISORDER. will she overcome her disorder and step into the new era or responsibility?… Read More

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December 18, 2017


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Just another day on any old street but........ Read More

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November 29, 2016

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Will anyone ever help Colin? Read More
I can't seem to forget the person that caused my light to go out. This is a short poem about the person that assaulted me as a teenager. It doesn't even begin to reveal my torment. Read More
To me, this is a true confession. Why? I have never told anyone what happened that night. I was young, I was ashamed, and I was scared people would think that it was my fault. As the years went on, I buried it deep inside and tried to never think… Read More
An advertising consultant steps into defend an innocent young woman after she is assaulted in the street, but gets little reward for his courage. Read More

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A mother has to face a reality she's been fleeing in order to protect her daughter. Read More

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April 13, 2016

What happens when a prostitute, acid, and snow mix? Don't know? Well find out in REVENGE OF THE FROSTITUTE. Read More

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a letter to the personification of the depression that is afflicting my loved one Allison Read More
A brief discussion about the facts concerning banning High Capacity Magazines and Assault look alike weapons and the results of doing so. Read More
True story of a young woman's long decent into drugs and the abuse, trauma, and torture that came along with it. Read More

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December 10, 2014

This is a fictional poem Read More
Inspired from the real story of a 7 years girl victim of sexual abuses and murdered by an unknown man whose identity is still a mistery. Her body was thrown from the 7th floor of the building in which she lived. (I am not a native speaker, I hope you… Read More
Rape victims attempting to get justice are sometimes asked what they were wearing, as a defense for the rapist. This poem attempts to answer this question. Read More

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June 08, 2014

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A poem on sexual assault. Read More

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Emma Carthway is a graduated senior on the run. Memories of the recent past and long ago occupy her on this cold, dark night. Thoughts of her relationship with best friend and secret love interest, Oliver Moore, is constantly with her on her journey. Was this really a good decision?… Read More
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