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The Ride is a short story about a man who is on the verge of death, fought for his right to end his pain and suffering. A rollercoaster has changed the world and this is the story of his first and last ride. Read More
A story that begins with a man looking to kill himself at an assisted suicide facility; however, he is rejected from assisted suicide but given a strange proposition by a group of masked men known only as 'The Assistants'. They offer him a solution in return for him saving someone… Read More

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A poem from my book "Cancer is My Name". Written at one of my lowest moments. It was at this time, I understood why some people commit suicide as these thoughts crept into my mind. Read More
Over heard conversation between a father and son about their shopping adventure to come. Read More
No, this did not actually happen to me! But it's about a girl confronted with claims of assisted suicide...that she would have helped her best friend kill herself. It's an internal dialogue with herself, and her harsh conscience. Read More
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