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During the hunt for heretics, Sergeant Tartheros of the Imperial Guard, along with several of his men, are swept over by a mysterious gas. He awakes aboard the medicae on the Alatherum, the ship that had transported him to the world upon which he as inhaled the gas. What he… Read More

Book / Fantasy

April 21, 2014

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There is darkness in the balance of magic. The sky is changing, and Astra must die to set it to rights, but nobody truly deserves to die for something that they had no power to control. Lost in the world of ghosts and men, a way to save the sky… Read More
Once upon a time, There lived a magical kingdom on a different planet called Modrý M?síc. The kingdom flourished for thousands of years. But under one Malkia, things were happening. She fled to earth in search of love. But then she had to go back. Leaving her daughter and the… Read More
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