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A strange, secret fantasy of mine was born out of a movie scene I watched years ago. Although I will likely never be able to live out my desire in real life, I decided to write about it and see it come into fruition in my stories. This is the… Read More
Three unsuspecting Apollo astronauts are training in the remote northern Arizona desert, in preparation to go to the moon, when they catch the attention of a savage psychopathic woman who has been hiding in the desert from the FBI. The mysterious woman sets out to make the defenseless astronauts her… Read More
A dog gets to go on an adventure to a great planet to learn about it and gets heard all over the world. Read More
The little stars will twinkle, and one will realize how strange he is. Read More
In the near future, a group of space explorers are on their way to explore the cosmos, taking advantage of their new faster-than-light drive. Still, there are problems to be faced while being in outer space. Follow their story as they tackle a minor, but potentially serious problem as they… Read More
This story first appeared in the newspapers and on TV news on or about Monday, February 5, 2007. Below is my blog entry comment which was published "on-line" on a local newspaper website. Blog entries are not published in the newspaper itself. ___________________________________________________________ What do you think about the story… Read More
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