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All about how Athena was born, and how Athens was named after her. Recommended for anyone who just wants to read a short little poem about Athena for entertainment. Read More

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The streets of Athens are an excellent place to be when you are feeling depressed or anger as they are the ideal backround to your mood. At a night like this emotions of all kinds burst out. Read More
I found this poem I wrote a while back. It is about being from mixed heritage parents, being a British Muslim and about being a second generation immigrant. Read More
The voice of the prosecution in Plato's Apology. Read More
Amidst the tales of rich heritage of ancient Greek, there is hidden a strangest story or say a fairy tale. It is the Tale of Goddess of marriage and birth and the father of gods and men. Read More

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This story is written in a genre called an Epic (like The Odyssey), where things aren't clear and are written in poetry. Read More
The “Lake Hartwell Area Recreation Guide” may be used in two ways: First, you can look up things that interest you to find the towns and cities that offer these activities. Included is information about art galleries, biking, birding, boating, renting boats, bowling, disc golf, golf, local farms, fishing, fitness,… Read More
This was my first college essay. The prompt, if I recall, was to write a speech similar to Pericles' Funeral Oration; however, the twist was to deliver the speech to the people of Sparta as Sparta's general. It was a simple topic, and I bet you can see the inspiration… Read More

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