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three cousins meet at their grandmother's house for breakfast Read More
This short story is basically my vision of what happened after the events of the first Menace To Society movie. I decided to really use my imagination on this. Menace To Society Part 2 is written as a movie synopsis. Read More
This is a short story about an American military family in present day Georgia and their personal lives, losses and outcome. A struggle felt by thousands of military spouses. Read More
This Novel follows the lives of three young adults residing in Atlanta Georgia. Starting off with Nicole a bisexual accountant to the wealthy; who finds herself torn between her many lovers.She is easily infatuated which causes rifts in relationships. Donovan a wealthy business man who battles with multiple addictions and… Read More
I withered under the electric heat of your bright city lights. Read More
There are two types of people; the superstitious and those who believe superstitions are all useless fairy tales. As we age, most of us tend more towards pretenses of logic and reason that magic and fantasy. Unfortunately for most of us then, fact and truth are something impartial... Read More
14-year-old Kylie Bennett, her two brothers, and her cousin are all trying to make it to Atlanta, Georgia where they’ve found the cure for the medicine-gone-bad that turnt most of the Southern states into zombie territory. Atlanta is one of the only uninfected cities in the south part of the… Read More
In the colder months and around the *holidays, citizens tend to look at the less fortunate. Churches and organizations get together and feed the homeless. It is good because the homeless do look forward to it as well. I encourage those who can answer the call to feed the poor… Read More

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A cardiac surgeon can fix other people's hearts but not his own. Read More

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The story is about a boy struggling to save his father. Read More

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August 10, 2011

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Ali and Jacob go to Atlanta Country Area Boarding School. Jacob has to learn to overcome his mood swings, while Ali deals with depression and cutting. Somehow they end up in love one second and the next they hate each other. Read More
Lily is a girl with many talents, she can especially sing. She always wanted to be famous. One day she decided to sign up for a school talent show with her 3 friend Toria, Bree and Alison. From there they became famous. All because of Justin Drew Bieber. Lilly may… Read More
Chyana “Chai” Nolan, has always just been you typical average girl. She has big dreams and goals for herself. But imagine if you’re always being told that, you will never be anything and you have a better chance being another number added to a statistic. With a voice like Mariah… Read More

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It's difficult to grieve for the living dead. Read More
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