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I have the burning desire in me to tell you the great history of John von Neumann, the leading mathematician of the 20th century. Yes, I have a burning desire and that is because of the tremendous importance that Johnny has had on our technology and mathematics and science thanks… Read More
Violet's life is shattered after an atomic bomb is detonated close to her hometown. A short story in three parts. Read More

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Everything we see is made up of atoms, do you understand that? A small poem. Read More

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November 09, 2017

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The Booksie Classic House

From history we learn that Democritus carried on with the work and ideas of Leucippus. This is the poem. Read More
A candid discussion about God, the bible and whether it's possible for us to really know the creator, to know God. Read More
An incomplete list on my wishful thinking. Read More

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August 11, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

The future of the USA is a country torn in two by a second civil war. The west, a dangerous desert. The east, ruled by clones and a strange being known as Mr. Z. As everyone finds themselves on the brink of disaster, it may take the most hated of… Read More
This is really quite depressing, but I really felt the need to express my thoughts on nuclear weaponry and the opinions of world governments towards them. Why does anyone keep ANY? This shouldn't be some penis size contest between leading powers, it should be a non-issue. No one should have… Read More
It's 2055. The tall glass skyscrapers that once towered over the people of New York City now crumble, falling leaving only rubble behind. Kieran, a 16 year old boy survived the atomic blast which took out much of the east coast. Now he alone, has to survive in the aftermath… Read More
how i feel about america dropping the atomic bombs on japan during world war two Read More
The first chapter of a novel project I hope to continue and eventually finish. Isaac, a semi-depressed sophomore, and his friends Kaiser, Frye and Quinn all get involved in a psychological experiment among themselves, involving the ability to control life and death with a simple wave of the hand. Read More
Gabriel's ancestors were of the few lucky enough to escape the atomic apocalypse, and the only ones to carry the knowledge of the old world. When he is thrown out of his community by the people, he is left to question his uncertain fate among the ancient ashes. Read More
The last man on Earth in his fallout shelter. Read More
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