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A 26 year old Attorney balancing her career and love life. Warning: Contains strong sexual language Read More
Insight into Lawyering: Bernard Lonergan's Critical Realism Applied to Jurisprudence, by Anthony Fejfar, can be found at digital common boston college, Read More
Fred proposes Grace to be his wife. They are really sweet and romantic couple. After the dinner, Fred walks into his den and grabs all the paperwork on his writing desk. He finds one interesting white envelope with a big letters on it written “CONFIDENTIAL”. What is it? He opens… Read More
Joseph F. Rafidi became an independent credit counselor and counsels the people who have bad credit history and are credit victims and offers them advice on how to improve their credit score and make their life style better. He also offers individual consultations and suggests the ways to repair the… Read More
Robert Bratt is a lawyer who has always done whatever it took to win his cases. After twenty years of defending the most hardened criminals, many of whom he knew to be guilty, the only thing he can no longer do is look at himself in the mirror. Loosely based… Read More
The second case is going to be presented to the State's Attorney next week to decide if it's going to trial. If it doesn't go to trial- it's his word over mine. God save me- and, all the girls. from october 23rd 2010, it is now February 11th 2011- I… Read More

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November 05, 2009

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The Booksie Classic House

An attorney falls in love with a witness during a high profile trial in which the opposing side has vowed to win at all costs, including murder, in one story. In the other, an advertising director falls in love with a record exec only to have their relationship interrupted by… Read More
another screenplay about dorothy adams... Read More
Real Estate Broker, Natalie Carlson's attorney husband murdered in his office just after he and Natalie have a violent argument. Seminole attorney Billy Gopher is hired to assist in her defense. They investigate and find that Charlie's secret life includes associations with a Drug Lord and Human Trafficker. Charlie’s secretary,… Read More
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