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What if good and evil being embattled was a stretching of the truth a bit? What if those who claimed to be god or gods knew that if they told the people of old the full truth that this age would have crashed into self thousands of years ago? What… Read More
Mary finds the disciples after Jesus' crucifixion, and is met with disrespect and even slight contempt. Just as Jesus told her, she would be rejected and so it was. Read More
Mary's time of bitterness and pain is upon her as she watches her Lord endure things unimaginable. Read More
His hour near, Jesus addresses the remaining eleven apostles. Read More
Judas' time to perform his task is upon him. Read More
Jesus and Mary share their last conversation before Jesus has to force his trials. Read More
Jesus, returning from his alone time, spends time and effort helping his students to understand the teachings. Read More
Jesus makes his last trek out to the wilderness to speak with God, and to worship. Read More
Judas feels the weight of his destiny and pleads to have this weight removed from him. Read More
Jesus spends time teaching all of those who have followed him. Read More
Jesus begins to tell Mary of her task and that she will be rejected by the men who followed Jesus after his departure. Read More
Judas cannot believe his destiny, he shocked, scared, and in fear of incurring the wrath of God for all time. Read More
Jesus makes time for solitude in the midst of the life he was living once more. Read More
Jesus, returning from his prayer session decides to speak with all of his disciples. Read More
In this chapter, Mary, the beloved of Jesus, and one of two with a true heart has questions for Jesus based upon what he had just shared with his disciples regarding the unwillingness of the masses to embrace the deeper truths of life upon this earth. Read More
On the night of the day of the Loaves and Fishes, Jesus explains deeper truths and why most people will never understand them in the age in which he lived. Read More
Jesus begins to hold conversations with Mary. In them the exchange produces the fruits of knowledge. Read More
Mary and Jesus have become friends. Jesus recognizes Marys' true heart and begins teaching her the deeper things here. Read More
a very beautiful woman that doesn't know who I am. Read More

Poem / Romance

May 14, 2019

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My new interest Read More
Stay with me as I explain the nature of things as they were understood by me nearly a decade ago. I find this part interesting in that I no longer hold to much of what is said here. That said, it is important to understand that we must allow our… Read More
Since (and well before) this writing, it has been said know thyself. Is knowing thyself automatically knowing God? Who can say, but I can say that learning more about self has led to some interesting conclusions in several areas. Read More
Having gone through the wilderness of whatever your wilderness held, now what? Where are we on the spectrum of understanding. If you are like me, you have realized that myths and legends of old all contain truths as well as lessons. Again, if you are like me, you simply cannot… Read More
How do we move forward knowing what we know, or rather accepting that the process can be a struggle for those who need to understand mechanisms and principles prior to moving forward, as am I. Read More
In our current point in history (at least in the western world) happiness and financial wealth have been surgically joined together in the minds of the masses. However, is wealth honestly your/my true path to real happiness? Some of us will say yes without thinking, and others will do the… Read More
Let us consider or re-consider the concepts of faith and of god (whatever that means to you, as there is only one energy). Do these properties contribute to our growth? Does it help to believe something higher than us is pulling the strings, or are you/we more inclined to wish… Read More
Then there is us. What of the human factor? How many people can ascertain that we are walking the path of the ancient ones? Of those how many are either consciously or unconsciously trying to thwart any attempts at breaking the paradigm? Innocent or no, other people are the most… Read More
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