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Poem in which I reflect on my experience with seizures or Epilepsy from childhood since the diagnosis Read More
Annalise was just waiting for her boyfriend to come home. So when he brings with him a mysterious guy that she had never seen or heard of before, it surprises her. He's mysterious and a little dangerous, plus he can't seem to stay away from her. Soon she'll come to… Read More

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The “Khamsa hand” motif was an apt element to feature in Curse Me Not, my novel about a woman who can see people’s auras and clean revenge curses from those auras. Read More
Excerpt from Chapter 12 of the novel, Curse Me Not, by Elizabeth Fisher Read More
In Drugs, Death, and Auras: A Story of Love, new author Brian L. Murphy writes an engrossing coming of age suspense thriller set in the 1970s. Wildly taut, this compelling, fast-paced, character-driven plot examines how men wield power for good—and evil. Based in San Francisco, The Committee is comprised of… Read More

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March 11, 2010

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The Booksie Classic House

Anthony Sinclair, known better as Sin, is an Energy Master meaning he can see and control people's energy. He has a variety of powers that were gifted to him which he feels were more like a curse. He lives in a house with two other mismatched Energy Masters though not… Read More
This is a true story of my journey from almost committing suicide to a health facility. Just remember, truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. Read More

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