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When her parents, the King and Queen of the Losasidhe Elves are kidnapped, Syndi and Muld are forced to follow the instructions of the mysterious Wizard of Windhaven while formulating a rescue plan. Book II of the Chronicles of The Practical Magicians Guild. Read More

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July 19, 2015

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The Booksie Classic House

A mysterious stairway leading into the ground leads to a mysterious underground complex filled with danger for Aaron and Lysa. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

As a demon-possessed Dragon destroys the Underdark, War comes to Westmark. Can Aedric's group find a spell to kill the demon before it is too late, or will help come from an unexpected source? Read More
As the Kingdom of Northmarch experiences a civil war, dark forces from the South threaten to exterminate all intelligent, non-human races in Synomenia. Will Aedric embrace his destiny as heir to the Sylvan Kingdom's throne? Will Eleazar be successful in rallying forces around him to stop the threat? Read More
After many years of peace and prosperity, storms loom on the horizon in the Kingdom of Northmarch, as the elderly king lays near death and outside forces stir up hostility among the people. Can Duke Eleazar and Duchess Aurei of Westmark and their children lead their loyal followers to restore… Read More
Duchess Aurei of Westmark battles the fury of the Necromancer's Guild as it seeks to destroy Northmarch and the world. Will the Drow girl and her friends be able to help King Haroldris turn the tide and save his kingdom? Read More
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