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To call Jeff Kennett's evil laws Draconian, is actually a gross understatement, he was a totalitarian fascist pig. He abolished most public holidays, outlawed Christmas one year, abolished overtime rates, and in general seemed to believe that you could create a utopian world by outlawing the unions, and enslaving the… Read More
The worst thing about the 9/11 tragedy was they way it traumatised us all so that we stood back and allowed tyrants, like Bush, Obama, Blair, Brown, Cameron to bring in dictatorial mind-and-thought control in formerly democratic countries, like America, England, Austra Read More
Question everything teachers, parents, ans (especially) politicians tell you! The are all politically-correct BS artists! Read More
Lies are told every day now by politicians in so-called democratic country. Politicians who believe it is their right to lie to their bosses (the voters!)! Read More
Bring back Julia Gilliard as PM; Kevin Rudd is an arrogant bastard! Read More
Written in 2008, I have put this poem up now due to the unwanted return of Kevin Rudd Read More
Poem about fascist leaders in formerly democratic countries like Australia and the U.S.A.; who love giving orders for the sake of bullying the majority. Read More
The young have sold out and become politically correct cabbages; doing whatever they are told! Read More
Kevin Rudd’s overt concern for the future, at the expense of people now living in poverty. Remember, "Live for today … there is no tomorrow! Read More
Poem about the fact that mainly dishonourable people receive honours and awards! Read More
Australia's federal government has now strayed so far from democracy that not only is brainwashing compulsory in all schools, but they are now advertising a special online site for you to inform on your son if he is resisting politically correct training. The ads starts, "My son calls girls skanks,… Read More
In this age of repression where you are not allowed to do most things, the tyrants still cannot stop you from having dreams! Read More
Jeff Kennett, the stupidest man to ever be premier of Victoria, loved to tax the poor. But would never tax his rich mates! Read More
Not about the Omen cycle, rather about a monstrous creep I met in real life, when as an invalid on unemployment benefits I was forced to attend a horrid organisation called YesWest. Read More
Daryl Williams was the minister for propaganda (or some such thing) in the early days of the John Howard regime. Williams set the scene for his brand of “democracy” the morning after the Liberals came to power in late 1996. When asked, on Channel 10, if he thought all Anglo-Saxons… Read More
About the evils of politically correct mind control, which is now compulsory in Australian Schools. There is even a federal informer line for parents who believe their kids are not politically correct enough. The ads. for this line say, "My son calls girls Skanks, is this over the top?" They… Read More
Australia's head banker has sent rents skyrocketing and is personally responsible for hundreds of thousands of Aussies living and dying in the streets! Read More
A poem about Australia's most feeble prime minister, Kevin Rudd. In his three year in power, he spent at least two years overseas sightseeing at the taxpayers' expense. Read More
If you were lucky enough not to have lived under Jeff kennett in Victoria, you cannot understand how evil and insane this man was (and still is)! Read More
About the evils of political correctness - virtually a religion in Australia now, very few Aussies can think for themselves. Read More
If you're lucky enough not to have lived in Victoria during the reign of violently insane state premior Jeff Kennett, there is no real way for me to make you believe what it was like. Read More
About Australia's most inane prime minister, Kevin Rudd -- written while he was still PM. Read More
A pop star turned politician this freak should have learnt from Mr Ed. Mr Ed never spoke unless he had something to say. This geak never has anything to say ... but that doesn't stop him talking! Read More
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