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A poem about the horrors of living in Victoria under the regime of insane Victorian Premier Jeff Kennett. Read More
Song from the 1970s or early 1980s about the horrors of being working class in a fascist society. Read More
A poem about Victorian fascist tyrant Jeff Kennett who removed most public holidays in Victoria, including Christmas and Boxing Day one year. n He also removed overtime rates too stupid to realise he would have been better off banning overtime entirely. Read More
In 2007 Australia's two main parties (Liberal and Labor) effectively merged for a single election to stomp a third party out of existence. Although Australia First was a ratbag party, next time it could be an important party. The Rape of Democracy in Australia must never be forgiven and must… Read More
Once known as The Lucky Country, Australia is now very unlucky for the poor and unemployed, who are treated like dirt by the fascist elite who now run this country. Read More
A very early anti-fascist poem of mine from the late 1970s or early 1980s. Read More
A song lyric from the early 1990s about the fascist state that Australia now is. Read More
It’s hard to describe Jeff Kennett to anyone lucky enough not to have lived in Victoria during his regime. So, let me say that if you could roll Attilla the Hun, Adolph Hitler, George W. Bush and Tony Blair into one, what you would have would be a man with… Read More
Kevin Rudd officially spent nearly 3 years as Australian Prime Minister, In reality he spent at least 2 of those years overseas rorting the system by going on world cruises at the Aussie taxpayers' expence. He is forver known as The Walkabout Prime Minister. His theme song is, "I've been… Read More
If you did not live in Victoria during Jeff Kennett's regime, I cannot convincingly describe it to youy. Suffice it to say Kennett was a barkingly mad fascist pig! Read More
Terrorism is a terrible thing. But sometimes we have to ask who is terrorising whom. In countries like te U.S.A. & U.K. there is a tradition of making up boogy words and phrases like "commie", "red", "left" to put down great social reformners like Jessie Jackson and to stop important… Read More
I know it is three years since John Howard was evil fascist dictator of Australia, but frankly he will never be able to stop being vilified after his Most Evil Goods and Services Tax, evil IR laws, attempts to enslave the working classes, and other monstrous deeds against the poor… Read More
Brand new poem I just finished today (20 Jan 2011), about the evils of not taxing the rich. Read More
As an existential poet, I try to be as honest as possible in assessing the merits of the world inj which we live in the twenty-first century. Read More
In Australia the rich pay almost no taxes which is why the poor live in the streets! Read More
A true story about a man left to die by the Maribyrnong City Council, the Victorian State and Australian Federal Governments. Read More
Existential poem about the worst place in the developed world: West Footscray, a suburb of Melbourne. Read More
Reflexions about an awful decade in Australia. Note: “Bludgers” is an Aussie word invented by former Aussie Prime Minister Malcom Fraser as a means of tormenting the unemployed and people on welfare. "Stagflation" is when inflation & unemployment are both high. Read More
About the horrors of being poor in a fascist country like Australia. Written c.1980, but nothing has improved in the 30 years since then. Read More
In 1999 Australia had a referendum to become a republic. The referendum failed because we were offered an undemocratic model. At that time I wrote this democratic model, which I have recently revised. Read More
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