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Brake pad replacement is a normal occurrence in all motor vehicles- brakes wear out. When it happens too often, it becomes expensive and reduces the value of the vehicle. This article explains why this happens on the 2009 Dodge Journey. Read More

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The sale of used cars presents an opportunity to make extra cash in your spare time. Before embarking on this sideline/hobby check this article out. Read More

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Having a car breakdown can send family budgets into a tailspin, especially in a low-income family. This article describes some of the programs that are available around the United States which attempt to alleviate the financial stress of a vehicle in need of repairs. Read More

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Vehicles are lasting longer. This is a look into the issues related to the extended age of cars and trucks. The author offers an opinion as to the next step car makers should take. Read More
Auto repair shops always monitor their bottom line very closely. This article looks at a major expense item that the shop turns into income, which is the disposal of spent or failed auto parts. Read More
Winter temperatures provide the perfect environment for vehicles to overheat. Although it seems counter-intuitive cars and trucks overheat when the engine freezes up. This article talks about how this can happen and how to handle it if it does. Read More
Tire replacement is a big investment on today's vehicles. It is not uncommon for four tires to cost over $1000. So when a tire leaks, it is important that it is repaired in a way that ensures that you will protect your investment. This article instructs the reader how to… Read More
The sale of automotive parts in the course of repairing cars is the mainstay of the auto repair industry. This article discusses those parts and explains the different supply channels shops use to acquire their replacement parts. Read More
Automotive technology is constantly changing. This article traces the beginnings of some of the features of automobiles and discusses how quaint they seem now, as we move to the driverless car. Read More
The auto repair environment can be daunting since the repair facility definitely has the upper hand. Don't make it worse! Here are five mistakes often made by auto repair consumers that you should try to avoid. Read More
The features your new car comes with play a big part in determining the cost of repairing it as it ages. It's sort of the vehicle's DNA. This article explains some of the things to look for when buying a car or truck that may cost you big bucks down… Read More
Some auto repair procedures are time crucial. This article discusses a number of cases in which the clock is ticking. Read More
In most cases vehicle longevity is a good thing, but when being very fond of a vehicle sways your decision to trade or sell it, it can be costly. This article discusses what you should consider when you own a "seasoned' vehicle and the repair bills are mounting. Read More
Not all auto repairs are equal, not in price or importance. This article talks about the importance of being able to prioritize repairs with an eye toward those that have to do with safety. Read More
Here are some ways that everyone, no matter how mechanically challenged, can save money on auto repair bills. Read More

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Some car owners describe an auto experience as distasteful as going to the dentist. Here are some markers that should indicate to anyone that you may have chosen the wrong place to get your car repaired. Read More
Everyone knows that leaking automotive fluids make a mess, but they can also be dangerous. This article shows how. Read More
It doesn't matter if your not mechanically inclined or hate to get your hands messy. This article presents sound advice that can save you money when maintaining your vehicle. Read More

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Buying a used car can be like a minefield. This article describes what to look out for and how to avoid a potential money pit. Read More
Being a tow truck operator is a very dangerous job. The author offers an opinion about the hazards of their jobs. Read More
Since the 2008 model year vehicles have been required to be manufactured with a system that alerts the driver of low pressure in a tire. This article looks back on consumer attitudes about the systems and the shortcomings of the safety feature. Read More

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There are many factors that go into automotive failures. The author calls them internal and external. This article defines those factors and comes to some conclusions. Read More
This article points out some intangibles that go into selecting an auto repair facility. They may be facts that you may have never considered. Read More

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Some car-owners would rather work around the problem with their vehicle rather than have it fixed. This article talks about some of the pitfalls of such behavior. Read More
This article shows the reader how to choose a good repair shop by recognizing the "good" things it is doing, instead of mistakes it is making. Read More

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A vehicle's ability to inform the driver of the condition of its motor oil has been around since the late 1990's. This article talks about this feature's history and basis as well as the impact of this valuable information on the well being of cars and trucks. Read More

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The auto repair industry is based on the business model of charging for parts plus labor. This article is about what happens when a consumer insists upon acquiring the parts to repair his vehicle elsewhere. Read More

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Tires are vital to your safety. This article offers sound tips on how to stay ahead of the condition of your tires. Read More
You have to do your homework prior to buying a vehicle. Some existing problems should be considered deal-breakers. This article points out some things you may never have considered. Read More

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This article describes the type of jobs that auto repair shops love to see roll through their doors. Read More

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