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This is a dream that I had early morn. Read More
It's a dream that I had last night. Read More
These are two dreams that I had. Read More
These are two dreams that I had Read More
This is a dream that I had Read More

Short Story / Flash Fiction

September 25, 2020

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These are three dreams I had. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

For the Marine Corps grunts, the Snuffys, in the Southland of Vietnam, Riverine warfare in the Delta region took on many different shapes and forms. The coastal islands, mangrove and nipa-palm swamps, creeks, rivers, a bewildering maze of inland waterways, and the Vietnamese jungle, imposed an extraordinary military challenge. The… Read More

Book / Non-Fiction

August 24, 2020

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The Booksie Classic House

An autobiography of our life with Dissociative Identity Disorder. This is a story of our journey through chronic childhood abuse and neglect, therapy, putting together the pieces of our life, and healing. This is a work of nonfiction based on the author’s experience with Dissociative Identity Disorder. The author has… Read More
An average Asian student goes through a bumpy love life. Sierra starts to work at a pub to work on her school essay until a day comes when she starts to obsess over the pub and one person. Read More
This is the intro to my book I am currently writing called -- Anna Lucille: A Fallen Angel's Journey Back to Heaven. It is an autobiography. It has been a long time coming wanting to write this. At some point this book will be published officially so I will definitely… Read More
This is the story about an autistic child who became an autistic adult. Memoirs about being different, about abuse, traumatic experiences and hospitalization. A journey to understand who she is and become the person she wants to be. This is my own fragmented story. Short stories and memoirs from my… Read More
How should I say it? Read More

Book / Memoir

January 24, 2020

VIP Refugees is the ongoing story of one family’s journey across 18 months and 100,000s of miles—and counting—without a country to call home. To stop the kidnapping of their oldest three daughters, Elissa and Paul must find a way to leave the U.S. and rescue them from their West African… Read More
Some of us struggle with both vanity and insecurity. Let's hear what they have to say. WARNING: Christianity/God mentioned. Vain and insecure messages. If those things make you uncomfortable, this is probably not the story for you. Read More
autobiographical summary, essay 2 of 2 Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

my most noticeable characteristic, my health history, which is unusual Read More
This is a comprehensive rhetorical analysis covering a number of the rhetorical devices that Loretta Lynn has employed throughout the years to communicate with her audience and to influence others. Loretta Lynn has been my hero and role model since I was eight years old. Loretta has inspired me immensely… Read More
This is the first chapter of Book 4 in my "Charlie's Trek" series. The chapter is a recap of events that led to my move to Australia. Sometimes we have to make hard decisions, impossible decisions and the repercussions of that decision follow you for the rest of your life. Read More
Chris Bradbury has given up writing, as you can see from this book that he hasn’t written. He most definitely hasn’t gathered a selection of his own favourite poems into one volume and discussed the inspiration behind each and every one of them, taking us on a journey from Croydon… Read More
So, I'm trying to channel my inner writer yet again. I enjoy writing when i get into the groove of it, however in the past, I've tended to struggle with getting the momentum up for more expressive and creative pieces. I dabbled in proposal writing for a bit, several… Read More
This is an autobiography about my life so far. It gives everyone a chance to get to know me Read More
A stream-of-consciousness tour of Tokyo, through the eyes of a very lonely, somewhat bitter narrator (who may or may not resemble the author, who happened to also be in Tokyo at the time of writing...) Read More
This is the story of a school Read More
Sometimes God gave us the opportunity to be a protagonist of many miracles that make a dream come true. This is a short story that summary 15 years of my daughter's life. She passed her whole childhood condemned to a sure death, but she survived because God made it… Read More
This manuscript is an autobiography. While I am only 37 years old, I have had a lifetime of interesting experiences. I grew up in Europe. My parents were in the military. I talk about my experiences growing up. Then I joined the military. I was a nuclear missile commander. I… Read More
I grew up in an abusive home and therefore it was never on the cards that I'd go on to become a professional hotel pianist, traveling the world and playing in some of the very best hotels. It was even less predictable that I'd one day play in the presence… Read More
Bored one late summer night, I almost fell asleep staring at my phone's wallpaper, a picture of my current girlfriend. Then out of nowhere, it hit me: man, I sure have a strange love life. So I decided to write about where it is now. Unless things drastically change I… Read More

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