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Six months after their rescue by mysterious robots, Orion and Phoenix (autonomous helicopters designed to be used as weapons), return to their former prison and discover that humankind has not been totally obliterated as they had believed. Read More
A poem about free will versus God's will. Written on no sleep, and mostly for fun. Excerpt: 'It was the joke of a pale bloke wearing a rundown cloak.' Read More
A glimpse into the world of the one you walk on by. Read More

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An experimental piece, The world is ruled by a one global government founded on the ideas of Humanism, the story follows young Kaylan and Eva as they encounter life n this new world of the future. Kaylan is expected to join the ruling society, as Eva fights for woman to… Read More
Here is a small list of ways people flee an identity crisis. Tension-arousing circumstances are uncomfortable, sometimes so uncomfortable that they force a person to question their own identity and values. However, a person can be flexible and consistent when forced to choose between alternative, and, at times, conflicting value… Read More
By replacing the I/me distinction with the concept of the implicative affirmative of the not-me self self-autonomy and self-reflexivity increases while the novelty and originality that identifies Mead’s I-self, his psychological mechanism for the inner restructuring of experience into self and other, and his theory of developmental stages is preserved… Read More
This is the first chapter of my non-fiction short story entitled: Having Fun With Being What Is Not While Not Being What Is. I think it will be around 15 chapters, short chapters, all relating to the title of the story. Actually, it’s the best part of my MA thesis… Read More
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