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Quinn tries to convince Emy to move back home; she sees Allistaire's son at a restaurant who claims he wants to save them. Read More
If you haven't read A Ghostly Heart, it's recommended you do because this is BOOK 2. :) After attending Quinn's funeral, life becomes a little easier for Emily and Jimmy...at least, for a little while. Until Alistaire returns, but he's not coming back for Emily this time, but someone else.… Read More
Emily McKay is a 19-year old girl who lives with her older brother Quinn, a charming former athlete. Her parents died in a train accident when she was only two years old. She met a guy several years later, Jimmy Sullivan, who she slowly begins having a crush on until… Read More
Sarah has a horrible dream and when she wakes up, she's transported into another nightmare, but this time, she's not sleeping. She's in the worst nightmare a person could have. Can Zacky save her from her fate or will he doom them both, along with Johnny and Brian? Read More
Natasha is an ordinary girl, simple, fun, intelligent and, like everyone else, has many dreams. But one in particular cannot become true even she strives and tries. After changing city and have becoming one of her dreams true, live alone and be independent, she notices that her dream becomes a… Read More
What happens when I go to a concert with a poster and end up meeting some hot people. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Liv finds love in the person she least expects on an eight month tour with her brother. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

(I slowly took charge of the situation, I had an object and the element of quietness, while he only lay naked to my object. I walked faster as he opened his car door, holding it open, "You have nice hands." I kicked his head and moved him to the next… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

(COMPLETED)Second part of My Lifeguard where the couple Brian and Michelle go through tough times. Will they be able to solve their problems or will they end up without each other? Read More
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