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I had to do it. My poem. Read More

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Love you for who are Love you for who are Babe, I love you for who you are, I love you like a puppy loves his owner I love you with my whole heart I love you from my deep heart and blood I send you my kisses as the… Read More

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Poem / Poetry

November 18, 2016

The one you love is the one you love, and no other. Read More

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The story of how Paul Bunyan solved the problem of Nuclear Waste and fixed Global Warming at the same time. Read More

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Comment's & Feedback welcome :) Read More
He is my world, he makes me happy. Read More

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A ballad. This piece is published in The Ronin Express, volume II, available on Read More

Poem / Poetry

September 13, 2012

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Poems don't need summary Read More

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Book / Horror

September 04, 2012

Children must fight to death to survive. 30 children only one can survive. seen through different eyes Read More

Poem / Poetry

August 09, 2012

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A MAN AND LIFE AND 1998 Read More

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Poem / Romance

August 08, 2012

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This is to my boyfriend. We been dating for almost a year, and i was bored and i was thinking about him so i wanted to present this to him for our year anniversary. Read More

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When Saya's younger sister Kaya is killed, she quickly runs off to assassinate the killer. Little does she know that her sister's supposed killer is her husband to be. With a war already raging about in a country close by, will Saya risk her country's peaceful way of living for… Read More

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I'm off on vacation away from my boyfriend so i wrote him this, while im stuck with no service. Read More

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From crush to date to excitement and love Read More
Dude, So there's this total stud ghost guy, and this babe that can like totally see him, and they are like, going to solve supernatural mysteries and some junk. They're totally going to have the hots for each other but only after they like, fight and stuff. Dude. Dude. Read… Read More
Lisbeth is a young girl who is poor and lives with her abusive uncle.Lisbeth wants to plan her Life the easy way.Lisbeth wants to become a Teacher for young kids,But something strange has happened to Lisbeth and she is afriad that she cannot follow her dreams. Read More

Book / Romance

November 02, 2011

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Carmen Hambell has been asked out by so many guys. She has said yes to one, but it didn't work out. What she doesn't know, is that the one guy inparticular that she has a crush on, is going to ask her out. Is she going to say yes though? Read More

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i love you Read More

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This is a symbiotic Sci-fi short that I want to flesh out or make a comic. She is hot and now has the means to do damage and on a quest that is part hers and part the symbiots. Please any feedback is greatly accepted and the character is already… Read More

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This is one of my fav poems I wrote, it really just expressed all my concerns and love. I really hope you like this one. Read More

Poem / Poetry

February 01, 2010

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Since becoming a soldier I have lost many friends, I can't express the pain and suffering that is put onto their families lives when they get that knock on their door from a soldier reporting that their son or daughter will not be coming home. When I was in Basic… Read More

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Tags: love, death, poem, babe

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