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A journey a majority have visited to what tales given without an end. Tell me, what is your pain? Who laughs right at your face? Those who were once your friends, tell me, are they truly your friends. A pain most of us have carried. A voice we must hear,… Read More
This story fits the slot 'Mystery and Crime' best, but it is not a classic, everyday who-dun-it. It's told in the form of letters- a one-way correspondence from a young woman to her boyfriend. She is bleeding fear and madness and seeks solace from him. Her letters, relatively composed at… Read More
This poem was written because my "friend" betrayed me and couldn't stop being a bitch for two seconds to understand what I was saying. Read More

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August 27, 2010

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When the one girl you thought was one your closest friends turns out to be a two-timing severely annoying monstrosity of a bitch? Write her a poem. Seriously. Read More
Evangeline Vasquez is the sweet and innocent girl whom everyone likes.When things in her life are perfect then everything else comes crashing down. Joey Hawkins is the popular cruel jock.He dates Angie Greene whom is secretly cheating on him with his best friend.When he gets in a wreck guess who's… Read More
Your secrets can only be used against you by one type of person-- a backstabber. But it hurts the most, when you trust this person with everything... Read More
Friends are good. Enemies are bad. Unfortunately, they are sometimes one of the same. Read More
What I felt like after this guy went around my back to tell my crush that I loved him.... And also to ruin mine and his relationship so the backstabber can date my crush... Read More
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