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Meet Ellie Salby, your everyday nerd who secretly writes songs for a hobby. Yet she doesnt know that she is very talented so she hides it with her mates. She is not pretty and she knows that. But she is being bullied for rumours and her looks. Since her… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A lesson I learned the hard way about who your real friends are... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Its about the life of an average teenager being crushed by his/her so called friends. Read More

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Sorry Im not a grammer queen so bear with me. Also this is my first Poem ever and it might suck so still love me anyways :) Enjoy Read More
So about last year I felt some friends turn on me and I wrote this. I guess I was venting. I never knew what I would do with it. I recently just found it and I hope this help someone. This is my outlook on the situation. Thanks guys. Read More
Ever thought you had a friend in someone only to learn, they were your ultimate nightmare? Learning this only after you have invested half your life into them... Read More
This is a song I had just recentely got inspired to write. A very fun song to play and sing! Best picked. Still gotta try and get that MP3 version up. Read More
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