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Want to join me as I try to explain the chaos of other side of reality? Then feel free to do so, it's not always such a pleasant journey, but you're probably going to be safe, you're only reading about it, not living it. There might be plot holes ahead… Read More
A poetic telling of how my character Cynthia became useful in my literary universe! Read More
A prequel of The Harry Potter series done by a fan. It is Hermione's backstory of how she grew up, how she first realized her magic, and how she prepared to go to Hogwarts. All credit for J.K. Rowling inspiring me; she is the reason I love to make stories.… Read More
I wrote this over the Labor Day weekend, 2018. Labor Day honors and celebrates the labor movement and its contribution to America’s strength, prosperity and laws. Of course, Labor Day, like so many holidays, has devolved into a super sale shopping day and de facto end of summer, although… Read More
A revised backstory for my second ever Dn'D character. Read More

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A man of faith turns to darkness in his hour of need as his divine gifts fade and crusaders slaughter his people. Read More
A frail child longs to be a great warrior. Read More

Book / Young Adult

September 18, 2016

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The Booksie Classic House

Follow Jak and Bones in the time of the assassination plot of 2264 The book is deadline for Skull and Bones is set to be October 30th Read More
An automaton's ascension to sentience and the journey that follows as he reads of magic and lands that capture his mind's eye and press him to seek adventure beyond his mystical garden home. Read More
This is a character that will appear in "The chained Island" Read More

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For a couple of months, I've been having thoughts on my head that I needed to get out. Read More
This is just an introduction to an amazing story. It's about a girl with an unforgettable past and an unpredictable future. About a girl that just wants everyone to know the truth. Read More
The story of Foxface before she was chosen to participate in The Hunger Games. For audrey911's Hunger Games Backstory Contest. Read More
Adam Phillips never planned to be a soldier. He never really planned anything. When his whole world goes belly-up, Adam has some of the most difficult decisions to make. But will the military mindset be the making or breaking of Adam himself? Read More

Book / Fantasy

October 31, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

In a world, where war has erupted and Helpless lives have been wasted. A boy shall rise up and save his people from the Greater Evil that Haunts them. This, is Rivion... Read More
Now we all know how Olivia Axizial’s life ended, she massacred over a hundred people in that high school lunchroom, yelling that Sarah Sincierie had betrayed her and that if she couldn’t be her friend, nobody could. She killed most of Sarah’s closest friends that day. And finally, Sarah drove… Read More
The story behind the novel. Read More

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