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The frustrating conclusion to this cringy trilogy is such a load of tripe! The recap is beyond superfluous, there's no character development, and the scene where Nicole spares the Dark King is so unearned. If the action feels like it came straight out of Man of Steel, that's because this… Read More
This story took the focus on building the rebellion and character interaction away in favor of a forced love triangle. Literally in this case because even after Nicole clearly established that she only likes Bruno as a friend he pulls her in for a kiss. I want to emphasize this… Read More
Uuuuuuuugggggggghhhhhhhh!!!! This entire trilogy was originally conceived back in 2011, almost immediately after The Chronicles of Kesha was finished. I was primarily inspired by the way The Book of Eli looked based on what I had seen in previews. The first installment is just a mess and everything I stand… Read More
Ugh, finally the actual last installment of the Chronicles of Kesha. There's some clever moments like Hades being apathetic to Hermes' betrayal but man does this drag. I didn't play God of War, but I feel as though the fight scenes hear came straight from that game and are completely… Read More
This was SO BORING!! Like, I honestly don't know why I wrote this in the first place. It is the literal definition of pointless filler. Like, "chronicles" doesn't mean the series has to be 7 installments. Ugh! Read More
Ugh, this goes on forever. This is what I'd call "forced filler." It's like when I wrote this back in the day I was forcing myself to make it as long and drawn out as possible. And for what? A fight between Kesha and a talking griffin that should've been… Read More
Wow was this drawn out longer than it needed to be. Like yeah, I get wanting to see the aftermath of the Titans and how it affected people, but it just goes on and on. It's also really silly how the gods are at the mercy of Medusa. Like really?… Read More
Again, alot of really good concepts here were completely botched in execution. Paul reuniting with his father, Kesha and Paul falling in love, the Titans rising and battling the gods; this should've been epic. And yet, the cringy dialogue, the rushed pacing and the forced conflict ultimately hold it back.… Read More
Not gonna lie, there are a few good ideas here. Kesha reunites with an old friend, her learning that she still has to do what her Mom says, the Kraken rising in Bermuda. I think there's potential here to tell a great story. The main problem? The execution blows chunks!… Read More
You ever dislike a book or a film so much you say to yourself, "I could do better" ? Yeah, that was me back in 2010. I never cared for Percy Jackson so I decided to get started writing The Chronicles of Kesha and yeah, it's pretty bad. Like, this… Read More
So were learning about the slave trade and "The Middle Passage" (a slave trade route in the Atlantic around the 1500's to the 1900's I believe) in World History, and I was inspired to write this one, a very very short story about a person who was taken from their… Read More

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