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Hoping for comments about how to improve upon my writing! Let me know what you guys think! Read More
A wolverine meets a badger, the badger meets two ferrets, then there is the lone wolf, oh my. This short story is about mixing some very true animal facts into a fictional story that just might have happened somewhere, and at some time; in OZ, maybe. Read More
The big bad badger is back in town. Is he going to steal the next lot of presents?! Read More
- Based on true events - When Ellie sees her ex boyfriend of five years Nathan, her world turns upside down, she soon realises that she may have made a mistake all those years ago. But can Ex's ever forget about the past? Read More
How To Be A Fake. This Is A Mock Thing - Don't Take It Seriously. If You're An 'Emo' And Take Offence, You're A Poser, Wanna-be. get Over Yourself. Read More
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