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From the Arabian one thousand and one nights to the Barber of Seville Read More
"He knows what to do with a rifle," Maj. John Plaster, a retired Green Beret sniper instructor, told ABC upon seeing the shooting tapes. "And he has the judgment and discipline to take a shot, wisely choose an escape route, and immediately depart to avoid capture. This is not a… Read More

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Based on a fictionalized true story, this war horror/thriller takes place in the Al-Dora neighborhood of southern Baghdad, during the intense fighting in Iraq of 2004. Read More
Working in the Green Zone in Baghdad wasn't easy, but somebody had to do it. This is a nail biting adventure of combat hardened civilian contractors and U.S. civil servants in the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) in Baghdad, Iraq. It is the real story. Read More
Part four of a seven part addition to the Rose Houston Saga. In this part, Houston and Austin accompany a unit of Iraqi police officer on a patrol and engage the enemy in combat. Read More
Part three of a seven part addition to the Rose Houston saga. In this short story, William Travis Austin meets his fellow Coalition Provisional Authority contractors and officer manager in the Palace and gets briefed on his job and the fringe benefits. Read More
A short fiction story about the trials and tribulations of being a good combat soldier in the midst of devils, demons and unrecognized guardian angels, good luck and bad luck and immigrants in America. Read More
Rose Houston, American Street Cop and mulatto great-great-great Granddaughter of Sam Houston, responds to America's clarion call to service in the sandbox. This is the short fictional story of her last patrol in Eastside Baghdad. Read More

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"Me and you are one, my homeland" Read More
A dark short (prequel to the novel The Struggle Trilogy, check it out if you enjoy this short) story about an insurgent in Iraq. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

we've all been betrayed in some way. And at some point in life, we've all felt kind of lost. Read More
So this is a writing excersise that I got from an iPod app: The challenge was to write a story based on an image of a plane taking off/landing. Tell me how I did! I only had 15 minutes...:) Read More
for those who don't understand my metaphors its the last few seconds before a grenade explosion My 1st piece on this sight hope u like it Read More
ISBN 978-0-9813122-2-4 We know he went for Hajj which is only for Muslims. Only Muslims can go to Mecca. Anyone who is not would be rejected. Why travel on foot and Camael back from India to go all that way to Mecca, if wasn't for a pilgremage. He looks Muslim.… Read More
Omar decided to word of Goodbye no nothing, and she was plunged into darkness , finding herself going back to where it all started 2 years ago ... Baghdad was on the verge of war, nobody knew what will happen next and in such turbulent days Aseel met and… Read More

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I wish to make this submission as it nears "Remembrance Day" and so much has happened and needs to be said since the terrible trajedy in New York several years ago. Our struggle for freedom continues! Read More

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