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What if you followed your heart, but it led you in the wrong direction? What if the thing you're searching for has been right in front of you all along? Elisa has been in love with Christian Phillips since she was ten years old, but he has yet to return… Read More
Another for my granddaughter. The competitions arrived and so did the man in the green corduroy jacket. Read More

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I am a ballet dancer, and ballet is poetry with your movements, it's beautiful. Read More

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Most people would say that crocodiles don't do ballet, and most crocodiles would agree. But Dale isn't most crocodiles. Read More
Saturday,16-9-2017 dance space Subang Jaya Malaysia and me went to DPAC to show our concert and ballet skills and read the story below to find out what happened. Read More
The Gillie Shoes Trilogy is a contemporary literature trilogy (three books) consisting of the books: Gillie Shoes (book one), Just A House (book two) and After Time Ended (book three). It is, at it's most basic, a romantic trilogy. If you dig a little deeper, it's about how life is… Read More
Two strangers pass each other the street. They both have the same urge. Cover is not my own, credit to Read More
Inspired by Misty Copeland's accomplishment. Read More
This is just the first part of a short story I am writing-it is NOT final. I am just posting this to see what you guys think and if you want me to write more. I could turn this into a novel if you guys want. I chose to write… Read More
Calyx Vega has just bought a dance studio from the inheritance she bought from her Read More
ive said this is a young adult short story, because i think it would make the most sense to young adults. i wrote this not too long ago for a friend of mine as a birthday present, and now im putting it here. its a story about over coming the… Read More

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///AFRIKAANS/// A cute little poem written for a friend so she can have a laugh :) Read More
High in her tower above Bedlam City, prima ballerina Carlissa Sweeting has lived her whole life by her parents' strict rules, never leaving the sparkling, pristine North Side. Until she meets Jay. An artist from the dangerous South Side of town, Jay is like no one Carlissa has ever met—and… Read More
When Abby and Emzy's sixth grade teacher, Mrs. Kevins, give the children "Recess Day", Emzy decides to try a backflip on a trampoline-- only to fall and break her left ankle. Not only is poor Emzy stuck wearing a cast or sitting in a wheelchair for six weeks, she can't… Read More

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November 25, 2013

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A dancer has many ways of performing, but even more ways of tricking themselves. Read More

Book / Romance

October 11, 2013

Black Phantom is an up and rising new band, and in order to climb up the steep competition to hit the major charts, Darrell has to come up with new ideas for their next album. Stuck with a block, Darrell finds himself trying to find that inspiration back. With the… Read More
A prequel to "Fear of Flying" by Sarah365. ( Carissa finds out just how much dancing means to her. Read More
This is a piece inspired by Tretchikoff's "Dying Swan". Read More

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She is a talented and cruel ballerina. The ambitions have clouded her eyes until a fairy punish her turning her into a tree...until she make the confession of that night. Read More

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The ballet in words of rhyme Read More
Colton was the WORLDS most sought after teenage ballerina. She was constantly shattering records. She was the worlds greatest ballerina. But when an accident strikes and kills her passion for dance, she leaves. Jason is a ballet teacher and choreographer. Nothing special besides that he trained the world's most sought… Read More
Jenna is an aspired dancer who wants to be the top dancer, but will she be taken by a new dancer. He can show her things that she never saw as a serious dancer Read More

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"i've always been in extreme like with Reese but one i get him things are swirling down into conditions i cant control." after walking into her her best friends brutal crime scene Sonnet runs away with the "bad boy" Reese as a way to cope with her loss. Read More
This is a piece I wrote about a ballerina who wants to be able to jump higher in her dance. She begins dieting and it spirals way out of control until... she can't jump at all. Read More

Poem / Poetry

April 10, 2012

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This is a favorite poem of mine. It is not my best, but it is my favorite. I wrote it when I was 23...I modified it because I still haven't danced. Read More
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