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The Booksie Classic House

The young maiden Ivory has been hassled day after day to choose a man to be her husband, yet all they seek from her are power. Will today be any different? Read More
what would you do if you took the train to your company's annual dinner. well, that's nothing mysterious. however, what would you do if you found the place but couldn't find the restaurant nor your colleagues who were supposed to be coming but stumbled upon a mysterious ballroom that suddenly… Read More
When Kara struggles with a new dance for a competition, her teacher, Ruby, partners her, to show her how it’s done. Their chemistry is clear and it’s the best time Kara’s ever danced that routine, the only problem is she has to dance with Felix not Ruby, and the competition… Read More
Dahnya and Dash are as thick as thieves. Every day, after their morning lessons, Dash would play a song for her on the piano. Oh how she wished she told him her feelings before it was too late. (one shot) Read More
Its about a ship and which describes deeply about the ballroom of tha ship which is considered here as its most beautiful pride . Read More
I am deleting everything on this account. Sorry guys. But i do have another account on booksie so FIND ME IF YOU CAN!!!! OuO btw: I'm good at hiding so let the games begin :] ...Love. Peace. Weirdness. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Adam Breck is Hollywood's most eligible bachelor. He's handsome, tall, muscular, and rich. But he realizes one day after his latest movie gets fantastic ratings and is number one in the box offices that he wants more then just fame and fortune, he wants life outside of that. Or a… Read More
It was a writing test, quick inspiration. Didn't take long to write, etc, etc. Listening to paramore as I wrote it O.o The characters are from my imagination, the reason there's no scenery description is because I like my readers to imagine their own. That's part of the fun ;) Read More
Prince doesn't want to go to the crime fighting ball due to last times events of her being confused for a M.A.D Agent and getting arrested, but Gadget insists she confronts her fears only to end up in a tense situation himself. Read More
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