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This is the second of my rewritten stories of the Stranger and his forest. In this story there will be be many changes in Stranger's life; some good, and some tragic. He will be forced to deal with problems he never thought would arise. At the same time he has… Read More
After I published my first Stranger story about a year ago, I received several suggestions and comments. I also received several requests to clarify parts of my story. During this time I hope to have also improved my writing skills, and corrected several errors in the original story All of… Read More

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The Arron's View House

It is another year in the Forest. It will usher in a series of events that will forever change the forest and its inhabitants. It will bring a series of triumphs and tragedies that will leave no one untouched and will mark, for generations to come, all those who call… Read More
All things come to an end. In this sixth and last story about the Stranger and his friends, we see the final acts in the lives of these characters. While this should be a time of refection and peace, we see old hatreds again boil to the surface causing misery… Read More
In this fifth and penultimate story, the Stranger is getting old and time has not been kind to him. Yet despite his increasing age, he still tries to carry on against mounting problem with the forest and his family. There will be much pain for Stranger, but also the promise… Read More
This is the fourth story in the life of the Stranger. In this story the peaceful life of the meadow is threaten by visitors: new deer from another forest, other deer who seek to control the forest, and from Man himself. All the while another generation is growing up around… Read More
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