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There's automatic permission tou use up to 500 verses from the CJB or the NIV versions of the bible. I am also looking through the Greek translations. I am trying to write this work in my own style. Read More
Eve, Hannah, and Naomi are triplets that seem to have everything in common, including depression. Through everything that is going on in their lives, they are trying to understand what God is doing as well as dealing with their depression at the same time. Read More
Isabel is a teenage circus performer doing her act at an amusement park during the summer. What many people do not know though is that Isabel has depression and has been cutting. It is a summer full of friends, religion, and mental illness for Isabel. Read More
Rosalie has just been asked to mentor a new student at school. She had no idea that the girl would have cuts all over her face and major problems. Will she ever be able to introduce the girl to Jesus? Read More
Mortality is a curse all are born with. Some meet it with full understanding, while others may need to be delivered to their own curse... Read More

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Lately, I have gotten a lot of comments from people questioning the real me. This is a blog post about the real me. Read More
This is the conclusion of my fantasy story about the girl who received a baptism with tainted holy water. Read More
This is the middle part of my fantasy story about the girl who received a baptism with tainted holy water. Read More
Greta is a normal pious girl living in the sewers of a major city. Her life changes in strange ways when she receives a baptism with tainted holy water. Read More
There is only one way to be right with God, only one way to get to heaven, and that is through Jesus Christ. There are five things that support this truth and they make up the acronym "flaps." Read More
Penny is forced to attend a new high school after she recently attempted suicide. The only people that will talk with her at her new school are Christians. Her life is complicated enough that she just might try suicide again. Read More
After a car accident leaves Madeline injured and her dad dead, her mom decides to move them to a different town. Life is tough for Madeline in the new town. And to make matters worse, the neighbor girl keeps talking about God. Why would Madeline want to have a relationship… Read More
After famous TV star Roxanne passes out due to low blood sugar, she realizes that she never gets the opportunity to live life. She only lives a pretend life when she is on set. She ends up staying with a family that teaches her more than she could ever imagine… Read More
Glenna is finding it difficult to move on with life after her mom kills murders her sisters and attempts to kill her. Glenna moves in with her very religious aunt and cousins but she is having trouble trying to understand why God would allow such a terrible thing to happen… Read More
Rita never imagined that someone from New York City would move to the same small town in Iowa where she is living. She knows Travis and in NYC, he belonged to a gang. Rita wants nothing to do with Travis because her father just happened to be killed by a… Read More
Amanda's life is ruined when she is told she will spend the summer with her grandma in Iowa. That means church, gardening, cleaning the attic, and dominos. But after awhile, Amanda begins to realize the important things in life. Read More
Libby, Carmen, and Kimberly are sent to live with the Harris family after becoming orphans in a serious car accident. They bring a lot of problems with them. And despite it all, they are not looking for another family. What they did not expect though was to get involved in… Read More
Reesa is a depressed teenager that writes about her problems on her blog. She does not expect her blog to become a huge success though. Reesa's blog is very popular and is even featured on the world news. But after Reesa writes about the meaning of life, her fans realize… Read More
An overseas marine rifle company is rocked by a roadside IED and forced to shelter in an abandoned home, awaiting any kind of help. While shoved into tight quarters from a raging storm, the four surviving men begin to question their morals and ethics, often lashing out at each other.… Read More
My short piece is about being in the wilderness, a period of uncertainty that follows when you believe God has asked you to do something specific. Read More

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i actually thought of this while taking a is about the way you feel when you are clean and pure like being baptized or for me, walking out of a cold shower. I am writing this as my first piece coming out of the horrible stage of WRITERS BLOCK… Read More
To River Christopher W. - his real names! You should see the surname!!! Read More
We are endowed by nature and grace with extra ordinary activity; our corporal and spiritual passions are constantly excited. Our body must be supported by food and sleep, and if it is indulged, it desires to be cherished, it requires enjoyments and comforts, and the more its desires are satisfied… Read More

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March 18, 2008

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Purification, death, water, life, rebirth Read More
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