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Another 3 AM Thoughts post. And why not? I have been pondering much lately, but I really should be writing it all down more. Hence, I have made another. As I have said in the first, this is not polished, yet for a reason. To unravel my instantaneous thinking during… Read More
Worried How to market your upcoming college fest? Thinking How will you spread news about your newly open store?Want to sell online but Don't know How to market it online? Don't want to spend money on costly marketing books and agencies?Well This Book has all the answers .Even if you… Read More
A baseball game is played with 2 competing teams, each having 9 players in the field. The batting (hitting) team plays offense while the fielding (pitching) team goes on defense. They take turns in batting — with the visiting team normally the first — and when each team has had… Read More
i wrote this, no planning or thinking up, while all the thoughts came in a fingers moved and (DYNOMITE) i got a poem now. Read More
back to basics after three weeks of being someone I never was Read More
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