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Pirates of the Caribbean, my brothers and I find treasure Read More
Sending messages to Brigade 2506, Bay of Pigs Read More
The kind of things the military brats can get into on base, in a foreign country. Read More
NEGDEF turbulent times, getting prepared. Read More
Gigging for Longustinos and almost being swamped by manta Rays 15 feet wide. Read More
Military protocol, saluting the flag. Read More
Explaining about my brother Duane's disabilities and the extra effort we made to give him the same opportunities my brother Gary and I had. Read More
Describing my mother in this chapter, she was one of a kind. Read More
Living on a restricted military base was confining. My brothers and I were always in search of something to get into. Like exploring the reef every chance we got. Read More
Third chapter. I'm doing my best to learn how the editing works on Booksie. I haven't mastered it yet. This chapter tells about some of the trouble my brothers and I managed to get into. Read More
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