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Rose has faced a lot of things in her life. Good, and bad... Historical events and aliens, near-death experiences, saving planets, and out of all that, the Doctor was the best thing that had ever happened to her. She loved him, no matter who he was. So many times had… Read More
TV this Christmas has got to be the worst selection I have ever had to choose from. I need flash player, I installed flash player, I need shockwave player, I installed the sodding thing already. Oh Sod it, just put Harry Potter on! Read More
The third special episode follows on from where series 3 left off. Lily Kettle has recently asked her boyfriend Razz Kevins to marry her. Her engagement happened in a different way to how any other engagement takes place with she herself asking her boyfriend to marry her and not him… Read More

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An ordinary crime reporter finds herself in dark after the sudden and mysterious disappearance of her fiancé, which leaves her alone with only one, small note- Codename 6042. Read More
When the Doctor finds a soldier just back from deployment, adventure ensues. Tenth regeneration Read More
When the doctor meets a wounded female soldier who wants to travel with him, what does he say? (Tenth regeneration) Read More
How does John react to going back to work in Scotland yard after Sherlock jumped? Building chapters. Read More
Placed after Reichenbach fall, John learns how much meaning colors can have. JohnLock. BBC Sherlock. Read More
Basically Atlantis fan fiction, I hope anyone who reads it likes it. Also as well as the original characters there are some new ones like, Tych and Theano Angelia Read More
The same people who thought that the US was spying on it's citizens, who believed Nixon wire-tapped Watergate, the people who want the truth behind the JFK conspiracy, are now the threat to democracy, according to BBC. See my thoughts. Read More

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Post apocalyptic Britain through the eyes of premium veteran broadcaster, Terry Wogan. Don't hold your breath for chapter two .... but y'never know ... Read More
(Story version of this can be found at This is one of many remakes to come of a popular BBC comedy, Red Dwarf, this time with a new character called Avani who manages to get stuck in deep space three million years into the future with Lister, Rimmer, and… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This is just a little something I wrote for an english homework. It's based on the BBC version. Read More
TV Review about the BBC's greatest ever programme and its recent and astonishing research into Nike footwear - Nevermind the Sweatshops - its the Piss in the Boots of which we all need to be aware. Read More

Poem / Poetry

August 19, 2008

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The coming storm of the new-age environment humanity has found itself in. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

When cold logic and reason rule the world, humour can only survive underground. Stemmon sets out to find the source of these secret transmissions, but he discovers more than he expected. (Note: this is a first draft, suggestions for improvements are welcome.) Read More
A short story made up of 101 words. Read More

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A cheeky take on kids demanding more violence on tv... Read More
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