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One time, I needed to defend my beard...and I stumbled. Now, I have compiled the ten most compelling reasons to have a beard. All in one place. You're welcome. Read More
In this poem, the poet shows how life plights cause us change the way we never expected. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

If ever you meet a man with a unique beard, do not be fooled if he tells you he's evolved. Read More
this poem tells us that mostly, it is disappointment in this world that make us ignore it and seek God. the unfairness and threats in the world make us focus on heaven. most of us go to church to tell God about our problems and to seek solutions to them.… Read More
i wrote this stories years ago when i was very little...yeah so sorry for any mistakes.hmm just read and tell me what you think. THE BILLY GOAT BEARD:the story is meant to inspire and also make you laugh. Read More
There is a secret society of aging adults that are just on the cusp of being forgotten. Not as mobile as they once were they may not get out much. Their adult children have lives of their own so are not often seen. A spouse may have already passed and… Read More
The Story of A Crew of Male Pirates who set out on a Journey to Bishop Island. when they stumble apon a All Female Crew, who later decide to help them on there journey Read More
A song about how even though they might be annoying habits make a person them x Read More

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December 08, 2009

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The Booksie Classic House

Tribute to facial hair, and the identity it gives a man. Read More

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A salutary tale concerning greed and the growing of unnecessary beards. And the lopping off of heads, of course. Read More
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