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How will this world end? I guess it really doesn't matter. Read More
When Ally had set out in the middle of the night, with her companion Alec, on a quest to retrieve her stolen sister she never could have imagined where it would take her. Now she finds herself an Amulet Bearer, immersed in a ten-thousand year old prophecy, with five others… Read More
Definite work in progress! Updates are slow. There are three types of angels: those who reside in Heaven, those who were forced into Hell during Lucifer's Retreat and those who exist upon Earth, caught between the two realms when the Gates of Heaven closed behind them mid-battle. The latter were… Read More
Kaiser Jackson had just entered the bar, looking for his brothers and friends, waiting for him to arrive. ‘Crap,’ he thought. ‘They’re not here yet.’ He sighed and walked up to the waitress, smiling at her. ‘Hi. I was wondering if I could have a table for 5 people?’ He… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

COMPLETE: Alyssa grew up in the bustling city of Torvic with her loving mother and caring step-father. That all changes the night her sister is born. Suddenly orphaned and in charge of a wailing baby girl, Alyssa is shiped off to live with her step-family. Ally grows up as a… Read More
Ron was just a lonely child, after losing his mother. He said he would never love again. His life turns around when he is given an enchanted scarf that is alive. The scarf, called Zinthread, becomes his guardian and began on a journey to help the scarf in regaining her… Read More
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