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Before the Talibans came into power in 1996, the previous governments succeeded in destroying the country through different factions, ethnical tribes, languages and even religion. Instead of stabilization, civil war broke, overtaking the capital city Kabul and Afghanistan as a whole. During the governing period of Mujahidin’s, millions of Afghans… Read More
Tirzah dedicated her whole life to helping people when she was thirteen. She was given a pair of wings and a list of things to do. But when an assignment goes disastrously wrong, she is stripped of her title and the powers she had become accustomed to. But instead of… Read More

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November 20, 2007

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He sowed the seeds, and tended them well. Read More
Don't think from reading this that I'm depressed or I've been abused or anything- I haven't. It's mainly about dealing with all the little things that build up, and not being able to talk to anybody about it all. Read More

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