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Poem / Poetry

November 11, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

Satanic fantasy poem Read More

Tags: death, god, war, satan, beast, devil

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The Booksie Classic House

Aldora Ren, the angel destined to help defeat the demon rebellion and destroy the beast. However, having her soul snatched away before she had a chance of transforming. So the Angel force find themselves allying with the monsters of the seven circles. Can Aldora find the strength to fight her… Read More
This is for Moonlight Syndicate's HORROR NOVEL COMPETITION!!! For note this was in the past and the main guy, Nigel is in jail remebering the time he murdered again and again Read More
A faithful retelling of the classic children's story. Read More
Silence is the night until the day is forlorn. Read More

Poem / Poetry

October 05, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

True events that took place after WW1. Many circuses in Japan would buy children or steal them and turn them into "FREAKS". They would also have sex with the children in front of the audience for entertainment and wealth. Acid was also poured onto them if they did not behave.… Read More

Poem / Poetry

August 18, 2011

I'm awful at writing these, all I can say is that I was mad. Read More
**COMPLETE** A retelling of the famous story of the Beast and his beauty. Many of you know the disney story of Beauty and the Beast, but have you ever wondered what the real story was behind the animation and songs. This Beast is haunted by voices of the statues of… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A dark story of hate, loss, sorrow and grief. And above all, it's a story of love. (Inspired by the classic tale of Beauty and the Beast) Read More
After a gifted race clashes with modern society, members of both worlds must fight for freedom and acceptance. Read More
Many questions remain unanswered about who my father really was before he became the savage animal who abused my mother, my siblings, my self, and countless chemical substances to escape the hidden pains in his head... Read More
Shayne Davenport and his girlfriend Catherine have been going so great lately. for their anniversary, shayne takes her to a romantic spot. but happiness turns to horror when they are both attacked and shayne wakes up to find himself surrounded by people that call themselves werewolves Read More

Book / Fantasy

June 23, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

My own spin on the classic story of love between Beauty and the Beast. Slightly darker than what you might have seen before. Read More
my poetry i believe is getting darker... this is no exception. enjoy. Read More
Based on the hit IGN Trailer, a farm boy must travel seven years in the past to save a kingdom from an evil force hell-bent on destroying it. The pictures belong to IGN. This is based off of an April Fools Trailer made by IGN, not mine. Some of the… Read More
A remake of Beauty and the beast in modern day Japan. However, it's set in a palace and the ending has a surprising twist. Want to fine out? Let's read then shall we. Read More
Missy Poittes is a young woman living in Master Beeste's castle. Master Beeste is a cannibal who is taking villages apart one human at a time. It is up to Lumy, Missy, Chris, Babette, and a young stunning woman named Isabelle to heal this terrible Beeste before he can finish… Read More

Poem / Poetry

May 27, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

A captivating predator at work Read More
A poem from Andromeda's perspective, not a fun place to be. Read More

Tags: beast, gods, andromeda

a sonnet about a woman facing abuse from her significant other Read More
This is for a contest. I have actually shortened it a lot, and changed the plot of my original idea... I will be making it into a short novel soon if you would like to read it. Read More

Tags: beauty, beast, contest

For nicky's contest, rewritten to fit their contest rules. takes place on a modern day ranch with a little girl lost in the woods who finds and age old castle. in the novel, which i will publish latter, it takes place in middlevil times and the end of the short… Read More
Six kids -- Nishana, Jessica, Alison, Zachary, Connor, and Ryan -- are living alone in a place that they call 'The Quarters'. Their parents died when they were very young, leaving them to fend for themselves. But these kids aren't your ordinary orphans -- not by far. What makes them… Read More
I like my Burden. Short and sweet poem Read More

Tags: poem, short, beast, burden

Abi has always dreamed of being a Tamer, and when she turns 18, it look like her dream can finally come true. But being a Tamer is hard, and frightening. People are warning her from all directions... Will Abi survive in this new life that's threatening to suffocate her? Read More

Tags: beast, tamer, abi, un-named

Some things just don't give you straight answers. Sometimes you have to delve deeper in yourself and in your past, present and future to discover the truth behind your story. Leo, Nyla, Teagan and Jarrett have a lot of question that need answering, about who and what they are and… Read More

Book / Horror

February 23, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

This will be my first ever free-style book- where every week, without fail, I will post a new chapter... Enjoy, dear readers... I Stand, clothed in darkness- no one to hear my cries. At least, that's what it feels can no one notice me? How can people be so… Read More
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