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Everyone has two sides to themselves. Some are born with both; Others, born with halves of each other. Either way, no one can live without their other half-if there is no dusk, there'd be no thing to call dawn. Except the one who lives in the veil in between: the… Read More
Follow Beck, Sin and Max as they attempt to undo the damage they have caused to the balance of the Universe before the fate of the human race ends up in the wrong hands... Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Beck Greystone and Tyler Sneve both hold secrets deep inside their hearts. Beck is a 19 year old college freshman, who recently had to drop out due to a life threatening, incurable disease. Tyler, 23, is coming for Beck, in a way that everybody saw coming, just not so soon...… Read More
Tori vega Cat Valentine Jade west Andre Trina vega Robbie & Rex Sinjen Mr sicowitz Read More
It's Carly's birthday and everything is going great. But when someone kidnaps her, it's a race against time to save her...before it's to late. Read More
Danika Hull was only seventeen years old when she was auctioned off for the rest of her life. Her marriage dreams were crushed under foot as her father, Michael Hull became in partnership with Conrado Gonzalez, a top computer manufactoruer. His son is an illegal, living in the US and… Read More
Her ex-boyfriend is back in town and tearing apart her heart again. Rose tries to stand up against his efforts at wooing her, especially now that she's engaged, but Beck's romantic drawl is something that any girl would fall for. Read More
Twenty two-year-old Heather Beck was born in Ontario, Canada. Always an avid learner, she graduated from high school with honors, thus receiving the title of an Ontario Scholar. Heather currently attends the prestigious University of Toronto where she studies English and a vast array of other disciplines. Heather began writing… Read More
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