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I also wrote this one in grade eight. The assignment was: we had to write a memoir, which is a story based off of you own "memory" so basically it had to be a true story. Before this assignment was given, some of my friends and I messed around with… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

A short story written for a grade 8 assignment, so not very good, but it was a start. The story may be quite confusing but fair warning, there is a bit of death in it. Again, don't expect much, it's rough, but it's something to post. Read More

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FIRST OFF: I had no exact cultural reference in mind when writing this; my head just blended some together as the story poured out. If you have a problem with non-cultural appropriate names, I'm sorry. I write what my brain pushes through my hands. Another older short story I'm… Read More

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One of two short stories about love lost, the stories are unrelated, but show two responses of a similar situation. Read More
This was an entry to a short-story contest on storywrite years ago. Since I'm transferring my other stuff I figured it should have a home here too. Read More
The early adventures of a young mercenary named Vance, in a modern wild west hundreds and hundreds of years after an unknown apocalyptic event decimated the human population. Vance reaches Orange Lake City after a several months long journey. Injured, he is taken to the local hospital by friendly… Read More
This is a 3 paragraph short story. This is the first time I've posted any of my writings or ideas and I'm looking for constructive criticism on pretty much everything. In this story I want to see how well I can make a reader imagine a setting. I didn't… Read More
Just a short story that might end up becoming a novel if it looks good to people. Read More
noah's life in an indicative story about life for a teenager; the good, the bad and the ugly are all explored. it summarises his life through his feelings and actions and explores his future, as well as his dreams. in a hope of tackling his inner demons, he hopes that… Read More

Tags: life, self, bad, good, beginner

Based on the prompt: With that, she walked into the rain. That was the last time anyone saw her. Short story, more of a writing warm up than anything. Read More
A story that seems to be about an ordinary teenager at Seijoh Academy, Masayuki Hashimoto, a genius prodigy who seems to be living a normal life with his childhood friends, until things take a turn for worst. Everyone he knew and the world he once lived in seemed a little… Read More
advice would help and i will appreciate it. i know there's plenty of errors but i prefer to leave it as original as possible. it is a work in progress, which i feel that could last years. Read More
This is a story of a kid who under strange circumstances gains powers of darkness, and then proceedes to use them how he sees fit, but mostly messing around with people who try to stop him, but fail. Read More
Expressing yourself through words is a beautiful colorful thing. It takes you to that happy place & that's the one thing no one else can't control but you, the Creator, the imaginer. Read More

Book / Science Fiction

November 08, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

Clary had lost her mother and father at a young age and so she was raised by her uncle and aunt, and one day she finds out that there is another world that can be accessed through mirrors, and that her dad is actually alive. Can she get her dad… Read More

Book / Romance

September 27, 2014

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The Booksie Classic House

Rosalynn has not had an easy path on the winding road that is her complicated life. Alcoholic father, two loving sisters, and a wonderful (yet pushy) mother. Will she have to give up her wonderful list to be with the unseemingly perfect guy or will she leave him in the… Read More
*This is only the first 3 pages of a short story I have been working on. Just wanted to see if I am capable of something like this.* A Man sits in a dark cell awaiting his judgement at the hands of a Holy Order. He reflects on the events… Read More
A boy named Ezreal, after searching for months, has finally caught up to his father captures. But little does he know, he's stumbled into a world of gods and hosts. Will he accept the responsibility? Probably. But come have a read! Any comments or advice is happyliy welcomed. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

The second poem in the serie of Pen Tests, hope you enjoy. Read More
So, I started writing this book a while ago. It's about two humans, names Max and Dylan, their life, and their struggles. I honestly hate writing summaries, so just read it if you'd like. Read More
This short story may be relatable to those who had dreams but chose to follow a different path Read More
You can't change your past, so why hold on to it? Read More
Being good doesn't get you anywhere. Read More
This is the story of adventurers in Maplestory aiming to defeat the black mage. It features every class of Maplestory, with many different personalities. Read More
This is just the Preface of a current work, its the story of my high school life, so far. Read More
How my world fell apart is a summary of what i've experienced through life, from family life to relationships. (Parts coming soon) Read More

Book / Fantasy

December 27, 2011

read the book and make a summary for yourself Read More

Book / Thrillers

June 28, 2011

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The Booksie Classic House

a story that i started writing in the past two weeks. i dont know when it will finish but if u'll like it keep posted and ill add the new chapter/s as soon as possible :) thnx this one contains chapter 1 and 2:) Read More
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