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an essay about living in beijing. three different lifestyles. Read More

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The Peterson Group is a non-profit organization/group information website and watchdog of counterfeit and illegal drugs. Read More
Canada already has a past in selling counterfeit medicines online. Canadian drugs have become a vital link for Americans who find drugs too expensive. Hundreds of online pharmacies were found to sell counterfeited and fraudulent medicines to naïve American citizens for the last decade and has earned millions of dollars.… Read More
FDA has envisioned the plan when a report has been procured. With its strategy for combating the spread of counterfeit drugs Read More
Distribution of counterfeit medicines is a global problem which branches out to different modus operandi and nature. It has also been an issue since forever. Read More
A water calligrapher practices his art in a park in Beijing Read More
The byzantine nature of travel in China is revealed Read More

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The tanks were coming down the road To stop a freedom protest, The Olympic Committee with a heavy burden Has failed to pass the test. Read More
What can I saw, it doesn't take a genius to see Beinjing's female swimmers are steroid cheats. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Join the author on his month-long journey from Macao to Beijing: from the hi-tech metropolis of Hong Kong to old Llasa, from the pollution of Chengdu to the pristine beauty of Yangshuo, from the tomb of the First Emperor to the new model city of Zhuhai. Join him on a… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

This story is about the every day struggle of migrant workers in China. Read More
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