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A man is awoken in a forest, unable to recall anything from who he is to how he came to be. However, he is not alone. A woman is with him, a woman he does not know, a woman who is extremely frightened by his appearance. In… Read More

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September 09, 2018

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The Booksie Classic House

An encounter serving a wonderfully whimsical man that I won't soon forget Read More
An article about IQ and how consumer society has affected us. Read More
A compilation of Flash Fiction stories about life, relationships, personalities, disappointments, achievements and situations. Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

our motto! Read More

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How to control your own mind. Read More

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culturally neutral – spiritually neutered Read More
My final thoughts concerning the Confederate Flag, the use of symbolism as a powerful tool to convey ideas. A distinction between slavery and racism. Whether we should idolize the Confederate Flag as cultures have idolized objects before, and the dangers of doing so. Our belief system and a conclusion… Read More
A brief discussion and analysis of the Confederate flag, its symbolism and if it's appropriate to display today as a symbol of American pride as so many do without any knowledge behind its creation and what it represented, then and ultimately now. Read More
"The end of friendship?" is about as you can guess me losing my best friends because she decided to believe the rumours her mother was spreading about me. This miscellaneous is about how we shouldn't judge people because of what others say about them, we should get to know them… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Just a little thing I wrote. I highly recommend listening to the music attached here while reading ~ Inspiration and music: Read More
It is not about existential angst. The feeling that our life may be meaningless. I don't mind meaningless. There's so much beauty in life, birds singing, a forest, a river flowing through it, the bugs in the earth. I love life so much that I don't want to damage it.… Read More
Imagine Huckleberry Finn, sold and subsequently adopted at birth through an underground market, waking up in an urban world of wealth, a dysfunctional family, ROTC prep schools and trussed in a stubborn and unforgiving religion. Add to this an illicit love story, a mystery to resolve, a psychological thriller, and… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Everything seems to be turning lifeless as the Fallen make their way from town to town, ravaging and destroying anything that they find. Political power seems to be abused and the last thing anyone wants to do, is acknowledge a threat big enough to devour the world. The World of… Read More
Have you ever decided not to like someone because of your own personal beliefs? Have you ever tried to lump someone into a group without knowing them? Sometimes these can be things like: "all girls are the same" or "nice guys finish last" Sometimes, these beliefs can lead to life-altering… Read More
Daily writing for an English college class. Read More
Well, this was a challenging poem to write. I am all about LGBTT rights and equality for all human beings. I strongly believe that God wants us to love everybody without taking into consideration where they come from or what they like. Based on those beliefs, I wanted to write… Read More
Journey into the life and mind of Sade Young, a girl with a wretched past and an unforgivable lifestyle. Born with a series of embarrassing physical and mental disorders, she humorously illustrates an account of her experiences with them. An internet addict, with unusual habits and hobbies, and lacking in… Read More
Submitted for a contest on another site, The Doubts of the Faithful is a short story (limit 400 words) about a woman who struggles with her faith and belief of fate when her father is diagnosed with cancer. Read More
My opinion on what has changed within society, and the reasons why I think that we need to revise our thinking before we fall too far. This is based purely on my own perspective, and I make no claims to speak factually or properly. I would love to hear other… Read More
The Owaro Ajodun, an annual festival to ward off angry spirits, goes terribly wrong. The festival brings peace and order to the realm by appeasing two diametric, hellish spirit races, the impenitent and the vengeful, by rallying offenders for the sake of seeking forgiveness from spirits of the dead. The… Read More
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