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Prayer is important. We see this clearly displayed in Ephesians 6:18. Read More
According to God this entire world's human race has been misled by the god of this world through psychological mind control; but believers don't believe who they claim to believe in, so great affliction is coming upon them all. Read More
The way this world of believers truly are being lost in darkness with deception because all have been misled by the god of this world. Read More
this is an account of what happens to believers and unbelievers after death Read More
This book has been written for this entire human race by inspiration from God Almighty through years of spiritual imprisonment while living a life so as only to see this world in the same way as God through simply believing His every word just as commanded; and this world’s calamity… Read More
Pandemonium Revisited is an epic poem about John Milton's soul experience with the fallen angels. His soul went to Pandemonium and learned the fascinating role of the fallen angels in creating false religions, enemy sects, warring denominations, blind belief doctrines, never ending hermeneutics and Utopian theological imaginations. The fallen angels… Read More
Colombia a View from an Average Citizen deals with the development of a coflict which rather than a novel is tells us about the tragedy of a society which needs to re-tie is roots to finally grow in liberty. Read More
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