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Series: I'm A Bender. Book: One Amortentia Black knew that she wasn't normal. She wasn't like other kids. She was different. She was special. And her doubt of being different was confirmed when a visitor came at her house, telling her that she is a firebender, and is welcome to… Read More

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Cold is a gentle death. It lures you into a pleasant sleep before stealing away your life with a frosted kiss. Until the arrival of two knights, sent from the king himself, Rhynne believes this to be an inevitable fate. Suddenly summoned to fight in a war that seems impossible… Read More

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The Booksie Classic House

Fourteen year old Kaname Izuni is a star student and star runner of his school's track team. He also has a secret. He loves yuri manga. One day at his favorite manga shop, he stumbles upon an old and mysterious yuri manga. The manga transports Kaname to a world full… Read More
Kathena never wondered too much about how powerful her forcing powers are. She was a Strider or a water forcer. A very powerful one. I this Empire they are ruled by 4 leaders. In this Elemental Empire lived the Ordeins-humans, the Forcers, the Breakers-rebels, and a rare case the Alteriants-… Read More
A creative assignment based on The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Prompt, "a female character would do things differently". This piece can also be found at my blog: Read More
The first of three books corresponding to the cartoon series "Avatar: The Last Airbender" Read More
The new girl has a secret that she can tell no one, but what could it possibly? Will her new "friends" find out, or the love of her life, which isn't what you'd think it be... Comes with a thrilling 'journal entry' at the start and sometimes end of each… Read More
Alice.. where has your wonderland gone? Melted into the darkness, it waits for you.. Alice.. Come back... Come back into Wonderland. ( CAUTION SPOILERS FOR A FUTURE NOVEL? ) Read More
It all started with one little white lie. Really, it wasn\\'t even like Skylar wanted to lie. She wasn\\'t very good at it. But when she was given an assignment that required her to go under cover, that little white lie became very important. So important that it was vital… Read More
After the war everything became peaceful and somewhat boring. But weakened a new type of benders come out and attack the fire nation. With the help of his old friend who had been banished back three years ago he'll take the dark benders down with the help of his friend's… Read More

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Aang discovers that there is a secret society who wanted to kill the avatar and this where a new war begins!!!!!!!! Read More

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December 03, 2008

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The Booksie Classic House

Nicole Haine was happy with her life. Although she had a rough past and now lived with the land-lady of her apartment, she liked her life. She just turned 14 in July, and the only High School she applied to was Fautale High. She didn't even apply herself; her guardian,… Read More
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