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August 11, 2013

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The Booksie Classic House

The future of the USA is a country torn in two by a second civil war. The west, a dangerous desert. The east, ruled by clones and a strange being known as Mr. Z. As everyone finds themselves on the brink of disaster, it may take the most hated of… Read More
Callie Benson has been trained to kill. Fathered by the deadly business man, Flint Dalton, Callie has earned herself a few enemies growing up. Each strive to find Callie's weakness, only to find she has none. But Callie has a secret, one she's been running from for two years. His… Read More
A murder mystery. Set in a pre-industrial town, where a lone guardsman is called to investigate a murder at the local pleasure house. The reader can find the answer to the murder through carefull reading. Read More

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September 01, 2012

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The Booksie Classic House

Twenty-five years ago they bought a homestead, in the middle of Vancouver Island, on the water’s edge. There are still reflections off the small lake at the foot of Mount Benson- of gardens and vineyards and woodland encounters. Westwood Lake Chronicles is a dreamscape diary, a backyard inventory of life… Read More
Andrea Graham, thirty-something with no husband, no children and not entirely mentally stable. With the desire to fulfill her lifelong dreams looming and the pressure from her not-so-eagar bestfriend Carly ticking away, Andrea has to do all she can to complete everything on her wishlish, even though she may encounter… Read More
Row likes Benson, who is dating Hope, who are all the best of friends. Griffin is new and likes Hope, who feels the same for him, but cant bear to break Benson’s heart. Row hates Griffin and Griffin likes annoying Row. Row finds out about griffins crush on Hope and… Read More
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