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Ingredients: a sociopath, his daughter, an egotistical "god," two cases of genocide, an anticlimactic afterlife, and multiple counts of betrayal. Result: a man who doesn't give a ****. Read More
The first original poem I've written since joining this site. All the others are poems I'd written beforehand. Read More
988 AD. Yngvar Eindride and his Vikings are travelling through Gardarike (Russia). In a brothel, he is looking for a witch who can tell his future. The rune Kauna is a symbol of fire, vision and sexuality. Yngvar Eindride, Hakon and Olaf Tryggvason are characters in my novel "Sons of… Read More
Krut, an exiled northern barbarian, & the sword-wench he knows as Damsel, are a pair of wandering mercenaries struggling to keep their purses full. When a nobleman makes them an offer it seems too good to turn down, but dark sorcery is their only reward. Arrested by the magi's personal… Read More
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