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Post crossbar and I was on the up. Me and Leigh clashed for what I hoped was the last time. Read More

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A new season and an old battle. Whilst still trying to deal with the aftermath of last year, I'm locked in a fight to stay at home. With my future in doubt it looks inevitable that I'm going to fail. A lunatic and a giant football feature. Read More
The start of the Broad Oak era slowly chipped away at me. Before long it becomes painfully obvious there is not much of me left. The situation with Jason intensifies and Carla's secrets begin to leak. Read More
A surreal valentines and a prank gone right. My perfect little era was taking off Read More
Between Easter Saturday & The Situation By The Station, a broken Tom would have no luck trying to turn around a precarious situation. Read More
Reece's apathy lands someone else in huge trouble. My life at 13. Read More
A house party would create the ultimate dilemma for me: choose between the friend and the girl. It would be month before I knew if I made the right choice Read More
The best night of my life. Back home after an age, healthy again, happy again, and doing what I loved most again. This night summarised my comeback from nothing. I do not apologise for it. Read More
Following the night the bubble burst, I start to lose myself, before I completely disappear a week later. It all starts to get a bit ridiculous from here. Read More
At 14, we become undesirably involved in the disposable of something peculiar. Read More
Retribution from nowhere. The Leigh saga is finally over, for good. Read More
Just for myself, an account of a week at 14 that would become the basis for what I aimed for. My perfect week would end with the return of an internet stalker. Read More
A smash to the head would make me forget everything and inspire in the strangest way, a huge change. This would set up the final struggle for power in Berwick. Read More
A night of crazy dreams would terrify me in a way I'd never experienced. Would they ever stop? Read More
Only a few days after the situation by the station, the era would change once again. A fling with fate and an unlikely alliance end the war for good. Read More
19 days after Easter Saturday and some retribution occurs at last. However, the solution is a new problem. Read More
My attempted suicide at 15 would instead inspire something new. I was born on this day, I didn't die on it. Read More
The worst day of my life is compounded. This day forever changes everything and sets in motion a chain of events that elicits the utter bizarre. Read More
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